I've been loosing too many friends lately and it's been hard to take. 
I only knew Mike for a little over a year or so from HALO Group, but he made an impression on me.  He was always quietly respectful, yet had a subtle sense of humor I appreciated.  I got e-mails from time to time while he was in Iraq that kept me up on some of his activities.  Having other family members over there it was good to get more intel on some other activities outside the pabulum from the media. 
When I learned Mike had been hit it came as a shock.  It was even worse learning he had passed.  It's not right that such a fine young man and friend would not be coming home.  I pray to God mike has been welcomed in heaven and has taken his place of honor with his brothers-in-arms who have endured the struggle of defending us all from the evils of the world.
Semper Fi,
Wally Shoults, USMC