Michael Scott Price pursued the love of his life, adventure.  I have heard Mike brag on his friends and give credit to others; but I never heard him crow verbally about himself, he preferred to demonstrate his skills and let others be the judge.  Now we can brag on Mike knowing that he gave his best in every venture that he wished to pursue; in the US Navy, in California-Yosemite Search and Rescue, and on to serve as a Security Guard for brave people building a democracy in Iraq.

Mike loved a good balancing act...MikeAndHisBike.JPG (34230 bytes)

When Mike chose the US Navy, he wanted to become a Navy Seal..

Mike_USN.JPG (18117 bytes) He ended up as a Corpsman on the standing on the flight deck serving in "Desert Storm" Slide19.JPG (35330 bytes) ...

Career Achievements US Navy:

FltReserv_June90.jpg (152005 bytes)  CV41_DEC90-APR91_CitationHospAppren.jpg (92646 bytes) usmc_fieldmedtech_feb92.jpg (89935 bytes) 

 The President of the United States authorized the Navy-Marine Metal for heroism and meritorious achievement in "Fiery Virgil", CV41_16-26June91_Fiery Virgil.jpg (103983 bytes) the evacuation of 1800 personnel after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, and he got 2-Bells when he departed his ship.  It seems ironic that the USS Midway was retired in the fall of 2003, which is the same time frame when Mike pursued his adventure with the HAOL company.  The USS Midway arrived at it's San Diego dock on January 5, 2004 to no longer brave a Winter in an open sea, and just as A-Winter-In-Iraq began. 

After his tour in the US Navy, Mike enjoyed the adventures of mountain climbing, as you can see in this picture of Mike's bed on the vertical slope on his way to the top. SleepOnTHeSideOfTheMountain.JPG (105090 bytes) Happy to be "Mountain Man Mike". MountainManMike.JPG (29095 bytes) ClimbingUP.jpg (21386 bytes) 

I guess Mike would always be a "sailor" because here he is on his boat.

Cool sea breeze and a cold beer Copy of SetOutToSea.JPG (28981 bytes) MikesBoat.jpg (27045 bytes) before another adventure. 

Mike's interests changed to a new adventure, and in February of 2001 he completed a "Marine Security Management Course" marinesecuritymanang_feb2001.jpg (74895 bytes) including these sub-courses. SpedOps_SubCourses_Mar2001.jpg (35136 bytes) And in March of 2001 Mike completed a self-study course in "Emergency Response to Terrorism". EmergResp-to-Terrorism_Mar2001.jpg (133452 bytes) .  



February 2001, Mike completes Combat Pistol Training, HALO_CombativePistol_Feb2001.jpg (118410 bytes) AutomaticPistollShooting.jpg (22357 bytes) as he was employed with HALO - providing close personal protection services.  Mike took two other courses in October of 2001, the North American Tactical Pistol Phase 1, and the Hershel Davis Phase I Pistol. n-amweap_tactpistolph-1_oct01.jpg (136239 bytes) HerDavisPh1-Pistol_Oct2001.jpg (127189 bytes)  And the next month (November 2001) Mike completed the North American Tactical Pistol Phase 2, and the Hershel Davis Phase II Pistol. n-amweap_tactpistolph-2_nov01.jpg (141943 bytes) The HALO company sent an e-mail to Mike's Mother that tells more about Mike than any paper certificate could ever relate.  How Mr. Hershel Davis regarded Mike.

In April 2002 Mike completed 2-additional sessions, North American Tactical Pistol Phase 3 (Marksman E - Combat E), and HALO's Introduction to the Carbine. n-amweap_tactpistolph-3_apr02.jpg (135626 bytes) HALO_IntroCarbine_Apr2002.jpg (118101 bytes) And in late 2003 Mike was still preparing, by taking the PC 832 Firearms Courses pc832_napacrimjusttrainctr_oct2003.jpg (163881 bytes) pc832_napacrimjusttrainctr_nov2003.jpg (163811 bytes)

Mike conducted pistol training at HALO such as this all women's group.  

Before going to Iraq Mike took the 'Bodyguard Oath"  omni instute_ftworthtx.jpg (163485 bytes) OMNI Inst_2_Text.jpg (160047 bytes)

Mike kept up in the medical tech field as seen by the many documents of completed training:

College_MedTech1_Ambulance_Jun89.jpg (84088 bytes) HospCorpBasic-Jun90.jpg (75985 bytes) HospMedTech_Nov90.jpg (76466 bytes) HearingConserv_Aug91.jpg (76460 bytes) College_EmergMedTech-1A_Nov92.jpg (138362 bytes) HelicopterSafety_Jul93.jpg (63957 bytes) 

tx boardofhealth_emergmedtech_sept94.jpg (119286 bytes) protectdrivertrain_alamedasheriff_sept2001.jpg (117328 bytes) profexecutiveprotection-lev2_dec2001.jpg (99012 bytes) 

Michael Scott Price never stopped learning, he never stopped reading and studying, always preparing his path into the future.

Mike was one-eight American Indian, and I'll always think that his trip to Texas in the fall of 2002 was an adventure to prove that he was an Indian Brave.  Mike had well planned a wild Bore hunt in Southwest Texas.  He had shipped his equipment, a head mounted light, camp gear, a long double edge knife, and a six foot spear that had a double edged razor sharp blade about 18 inches long!  He asked to borrow a Super Black-hawk as a back-up weapon from his Uncle Sylvan, and his uncle obliged him with the 44 Magnum and a box of Black Talon cartridges (the most devastating ammunition legally purchasable).  Mike tells the tale of hearing the Hogs in the middle of the night, being alert and ready with his spear and knife, but when he turned the light on a 400 pound Bore the Hog was startled!  Instead of charging the light (as they normally do) the Bore saw the sharp blade of Mike's spear and bolted in the opposition direction knocking down a tree and breaking it's six inch thick trunk.  After three day Mike returned and told his tale to all the family, wow!  What an adventure.  That was Mike.  You might ask, "Was Mike ever scared?"  MikeSCARED.jpg (25293 bytes)


Narrations are under the pen name "One man's Shadow (TM)"