"Michaels funeral service in Richardson, Texas.  

Its was a beautiful service with Elvis singing Amazing Grace, 

the Navy Honor Guard folding the flag, then the playing of taps.  

Tears flowed freely."

Vernon Price

With a broken heart, I email each of you tonight because Michael would have wanted me to do so, for you are his special friends and family members and the ones he loved.  I knew my son very well and I truly know that you knew him too.

Last night, Michael's best friend in California, Mark, (bless his heart for they have known each other for 20+ years) had four different TV channel interviews regarding Michael, which I understand were shown in the Bay area.  Mark has taped them for his father and me.

As we have learned, Michael is being transported to Dover, DE and we will know more on Monday and will keep you informed.  There will be two services for dear Michael - one in the LA area and one in Dallas - burial near Dallas in a military cemetery.

Michael's brother, Keith, and cousins, put American flags, yellow ribbons, and candles with Michaels picture in our front yard last night.  People we don't even know were adding flowers, candles and food.

I am crying through this email to you and I know that Michael's father is crying and Michael's big brother, Keith, is crying because he felt he should have been there with Michael.

Thank all of you for being Michael's friends - and you all have to be very special.

My love to all and may God give Michael the hug I had planned to give him today in Germany.

Alice Smith

Mark Peters gave the eulogy at Michael's funeral in Texas'

Rev. Susan Black writes to Mark:

You did Mike proud tonight.  I watched channel 5.  He was seriously honored by you and he does appreciate the love that flowed from your heart.  Mike was a good man.  I respect the pain you all feel right now.  Many have expressed the anger with God for not saving Mike.   But, Mike knew his purpose and it is hard for us to accept.  Believe me when I tell you I knew Mike too.  He told me he was going to go and he asked me to speak up, so I will.  May you all understand that it doesn't matter what you call God.  He knows in his heart as did Mike that love is all that is required.  Mark, you know the golden soul you must have at this moment.  No brother could be in this much pain and I pray for you.   It is important that we understand God's will.   Mike,  did not die in vain and we love him.   Let's make a deal right here and now to make sure Iraq is free.   That is what our friend died for and we should make it so. 

Mike, was a good soul and he lived an example to us all.  Let's not let his name pass without hope for a better world.

Love and Blessings
Rev. Susan Black "

Mark Peters is an extraordinary man of many  gifted talents.  While I have not known Mark as well as I would like to,  he was the man that stepped up to the plate for his very best friend.  Mark's eulogy for the services in Texas came straight from his heart.  His assistance to Mike's mother and Keith, Mike's brother, provided the strength to those morning souls.  No one person could have done any more, the all that Mark gave to to the family.

Sylvan - Mike's Uncle

Ninety people attended the services in Texas.  The Navy honor guard, and one other military officer, Col. John D. Rivenburgh, US Army Corp of Engineers.

I wrote to him ......I wanted to meet you after the funeral in Dallas, but you got away to quick. ..........I can only thank you for Mike for honoring him by your attendance.

He answered my e-mail saying, 

"It was my honor to be there and to represent our Nation, your Army and your Corps of Engineers saying the final farewell to a hero.  I never forget him or the others who have fallen and do my best to ensure they will never be forgotten.  May God Bless you all.  

Very Respectfully, 

Colonel John Rivenburgh"