Clay W. Biles


Hi Sylvan,

I wanted to give you a heads up on a new book I am releasing soon that I have dedicated to Mike Price.
The name is Unsecure Skies. It's a personal account of life in the Federal Air Marshal Service.
Book available free today on kindle.


Please check out my book on Amazon when you get a chance. It's the first book ever written on the Federal Air Marshal history, and took me five years to research and write during my time as an air marshal. The following is a website dedicated to the book. For all those attached to this email that helped make the book possible, I thank you.

Clay Biles

The book is available at Amazon at the following:
Some tag lines from website:
"[T]he world may not have known of Osama bin-Laden, but we did...
and we were chasing people
all over the planet."
Gregory M. McLaughlin
(Former Director of the FAA Federal Air Marshal Program)
 " Anytime a U.S. airliner is flying in the world, FAMs can be aboard;
that woman in first class can be a FAM;
that student in economy can be a FAM;
and every person in between."
Vice Admiral (Ret.) Cathal "Irish" Flynn
(Former FAA Associate Administrator
for Civil Aviation Security)
This book is a passport into the world of the United States Federal Air Marshal.
A fast paced world of danger and sacrifice, that has stood the test of time for over fifty years,
securing the skies and nearly two million passengers that travel on U.S. flagged air carriers daily.
These brave men and women have a story to tell:
This is their story...
Clay W. Biles