I was on my way back from San Francisco; bringing two gallons of Ice Cream packed in ice.  One gallon tasted like Strawberries and Peaches in the same spoonful and the other like Roses.  This was a treat for the kids.  Mike was about 8 then but he never forgot that Rose flavor.  Last fall (2003) I got a call from Mike in San Francisco and when I answered he said, “Uncle Sylvan, we’re on our way to get some Rose Ice Cream!”  I opened my desk drawer and looked at a business card that had lay there for (I guess) about 25 years, and read it aloud to Mike, “You mean your going to Polly Ann Ice Cream?”   “Yeah, on Noriega Street”, Mike responded.  “Number 3142”, I said.  “That’s it.”  Mike hadn’t forgotten in twenty-five years and I don’t know why I kept that business card so handy in my desk drawer.  

Here's a free plug for all you Dogs out there in the San Francisco area.  Demand that your owner, or any other handy human, is to take you to Polly Ann Ice Cream.  DOG-GONE!  Don't you get the message?  READ THE CARD!

(May not be the right phone number now.)

I received an e-Mail recently from "Kris".  It went like this:

"O, I remember the Rose Ice Cream. And I remember when we called you at the bay bridge, we were going to drop a vest off with someone in the city who lived near that ice cream shop. The Rose ice cream was awesome. Mike was pretty stoked about the ice cream, It was exciting. I think you should put a copy of the card with the story."

Mike and I share a common birth date, March 29th.  Mike always calls me on that special day, and sometimes I call him first.  In 2004 I wasn’t home and missed his call, but he left this message on the recorder.  When I got home I new I had missed his call.

Read my e-mail to Mike and his reply:

>From: Sylvan Tyrrel <>
>To: Michael Price <>
>Subject: Once A year
>Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 20:46:41 -0800 (PST)
To My Nephew in the Land of Sand,
My toast to you - for a happy March 29th Birthday.
Live Long and Prosper,
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Mike's Message audio wav file
(NOTE: It was March 29 in Iraq, and I received it on Sunday March 28)
 SUNDAY MARCH 28, 2004 22:08:14 –0800 (PST)
And to You, Uncle
Here's to another trip around the sun. Happy Birthday
I look forward to seeing you soon    Michael