Sat, 24 Apr 2004 12:12:22 0700 (PDT)


Thanks for picking us all up today.  I am about to crash now, and am glad to have a new day tomorrow here instead of in Mosul.

Your friend,


Sat, 24 Apr 2004 16:24:43 -0700


Sorry we didn't cross paths last night. I really wanted to say hi and visit with you more than I did earlier, but the damn sleep monkey whooped my ass! I was unconscious at 8pm! I was sittin' on my rack saying, "i'll just take a shower, let her un pack and unwind, then I'll stop by for a few", then.....Out! It sucks even more cuz I woke up at 3am! (0318 now). I'll stay up later tonight and try and not be such a wuss about my sleep. I'm sure you slept well last night, the travel always seems to kick one's booty. I hope you have a great day at work today and I look forward to seeing you later tonight. I'll hunt you down in the MWR and if your not there I'll go to your room or wherever you may be hiding. Okee dokee?

Michael :)

June 4, 2004


Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  You never came back Sunday.  The CEA ammo convoy from Tinderbox was IED'd.  I read your message when they turned the phones and e-mail back on, on Monday. 

I want you to know, I know you were careful. I know you tried to hang on.  Jake and your team all tried so hard.  It's OK.  I know this is not how you expected it all to go.  I've never been so proud of a friend.  You gave your all.

I miss you Michael.  Everyone does. I keep expecting to see you around here, and sometimes, I do.  It just feels like you're here and it just feels so wrong that your not.

I know you were crazy about this job in Iraq, I bet being an angel must be even better to you.  There is quite a need and God sure has the right guys for the job.  

I hope all your questions about everything are being answered by God.  I know I was blessed with your friendship.  I just wasn't ready to let it go.

Thanks again for picking us up on Saturday, and not on Sunday; for being so real, silly, kind; for keeping me safe, keeping me company; for looking out for me, and being my buddy.  

You'll have to track me down another time, Okey Doke?  I understand, you were tired.  Until then, know I think of you and smile, and I will keep believing in things beyond money- all the things I can't see, and l'll be keeping my eyes open along with my heart.   

Until then,