Whereas, The people of California have a special affinity for, and are greatly indebted to, those men and women who have served our armed forces in order to protect and defend our precious freedom; and

Whereas, Included among those proud and heroic Americans is former United States Corpsman Michael Scott Price, who received several shrapnel wounds from a remotely detonated roadside bomb on April 25, 2004 in Bagl, Iraq, and that claimed his life four days later in Balad; and

Whereas, Michael Scott Price, 33 had gone as a civilian to provide security services for an independent contractor hired to dispose of  bombs; and

Whereas, Michael Scott Price never shied away from adversity, whether climbing onto the roof of a grocery store as a boy or saving fellow sailors during a fire aboard the USS Midway, taking down stranded climbers as a rescue worker in Yosemite National Park or finding a lost boy, he lived life undeterred by dangers; and

Whereas, Michael Scott Price took pride in helping others, and he was known for being an articulate and well read thinker who loved science fiction, the outdoors and his 11 year old daughter Amanda; and

Whereas, As a boy growing up in Pomona and San Dimas, Michael Scott Price looked to the Military for his heroes, and often wore fatigue outfits he received when he was 12 years old; and

Whereas, He joined the Navy in 1988 after graduating from San Dimas High School and qualified to train as a Navy Seal; and

Whereas, His heroism aboard the USS Midway earned him several honors, including a Presidential Citation for Bravery, two bells typically reserved only for the captain, marked his departure from the USS Midway; and

Whereas, Michael Scott Price attended Citrus College and Azusa Pacific University before heading Northward to join Yosemite Search and Rescue, where he regularly climbed El Capitan during his years there; and

Whereas, After Yosemite, he worked for Halo, a company in the Bay Area, that provides security and weapons training, until his decision to go to Iraq; and

Whereas, On May 10, 2004, the California Assembly closed is session in Memory of Michael Scott Price; and

Whereas, Michael Scott Price leaves to mourn his passing and celebrate his legacy, his daughter Amanda, His father, Vernon Price, his stepmother M. Joyce Bakersmith, his mother Alice Smith, his stepfather, Ron Smith and his brother, Keith Alan Price; now, therefore,\be it

RESOLVED BY ASSEMBLY MEMBER GLORIA NEGRETE MCCLEOD, That she takes this opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of Michael Scott Price, a distinguished and courageous American who heroically gave his life for his country, and for his fellowmen, and expresses her heartfelt sympathy to his bereaved family and friends.

Members Resolution No. 1601

Dated this 10th day of May, 2004