Saturday, 2 May 2004

Mike’s Mother sends this message to family and friends:

With a broken heart, I email each of you tonight because Michael would have wanted me to do so, for you are his special friends and family members and the ones he loved.  I knew my son very well and I truly know that you knew him too.

Last night, Michael's best friend in California, Mark, (bless his heart for they have known each other for 20+ years) had four different TV channel interviews regarding Michael, which I understand were shown in the Bay area.  Mark has taped them for his father and me.

As we have learned, Michael is being transported to Dover, DE and we will know more on Monday and will keep you informed.  There will be two services for dear Michael - one in the LA area and one in Dallas - burial near Dallas in a military cemetery.

Michael's brother, Keith, and cousins, put American flags, yellow ribbons, and candles with Michaels picture in our front yard last night.  People we don't even know were adding flowers, candles and food.

I am crying through this email to you and I know that Michael's father is crying and Michael's big brother, Keith, is crying because he felt he should have been there with Michael.

Thank all of you for being Michael's friends - and you all have to be very special.

My love to all and may God give Michael the hug I had planned to give him today in Germany.

Alice Smith

From:             Smith, Alice 
Sent:             Thursday, May 06, 2004 1:19 PM
To:                 Sparkman Funeral Home
Subject:      Michael Scott Price

Response from Michael when I urged him to return to the U.S.

(Edited, Alice Smith)

"I understand your concern, but it is more than the money that drives me here.  I am staying as safe as possible but some things are inherently dangerous and all I can do is to stay strong and vigilant.  Many underestimate the bad guys here and there are many.

I am sorry to put you under this stress, as it is not my intention to worry you.  But please understand I just can't help who and what I am, and as crazy as it may sound to some, there is no other place in the world I'd rather be at this moment.

I will be home soon.  I don't know when, but I promise I will be there."

I love you Mom.

Mark Peters gave the eulogy at Michael's funeral, which included these thoughts from his mother,

 Alice Smith.

"Thank all of you so much for being there today to pay tribute to my son, Michael.  I am unable to be there in person but I am there in spirit.

Because of Michael's injuries, the doctor's were not certain of what the future would hold for him, if any.  Being his mother, I would have taken my son in any condition and cared for him and I was prepared to do so.  But I had to ask myself what Michael's thoughts would have been on this.  I got a clear message because I knew my son very well as most of you did.  For him possibly in a wheel chair, not being able to communicate and depending upon others for his care would not have been acceptable to him. I can tell you the exact words he would have said to me and it would have come to that.

I am so very proud of my son for his positive thoughts, his strong convictions, always for the underdog, his blessed humor and for the true love and faith he had for his family and friends.  I am the most proud for his being his own man.

Michael is looking down on each of you today, as he is for all of those he cared about and he is saying "I am just away but I will always be with you and you can count on that."

God is blessing dear Michael and may God bless each of you.

Alice Smith