Aliís speech was read to family and friends in the evening of May the 8th after the funeral in Texas.  

Mikeís best friend for over twenty years read the speech for Ali, because she could not do so without crying.

    Ali is my granddaughter who will be only 11-years old next month.


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, family and friends. 

Mike was a good man who we all loved dearly. 

Mike made me a promise last time I talked to him.

He said, "Iíll come back unharmed.Ē 

But as you all know he didnít. 

But he knew he could die out there. 

He did this to help America, and he did.  And he risked his own blood for us. 

I know many people are sad right now and are crying, but we all can cry. 

Itís good to let your feelings out;

which Mike, if you can hear me know I love you. 

Iíll always be there for you no matter what. 

Thank you all! 

I have one last thing to say, for each flower Mike gets today and another day, 

it represents are love and family. 

Bring at least one flower and heíll know you love Mike too.


Ali Giesler